Whether you have short eyelashes or you want to add some volume, eyelash extensions are a great way to draw attention to your beautiful eyes — sans mascara.

But here’s the thing: They’re an investment. Eyelash extensions take time to apply, and they can cost up to $300, depending on where you get them done, your eye shape, and your lash length.

So, after all that, you’re going to want to take good care of them.

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Why is aftercare important?

Like any good investment, eyelash extensions require maintenance. If you’re diligent about aftercare, it can:

  • keep your eyelashes clean
  • prevent eye infections
  • keep them looking nice longer
  • save you money, because you won’t need to maintain or replace them as often

What does eyelash extension aftercare involve?


Don’t get them wet for 48 hours after application

    For the first 48 hours after application, avoid taking a shower, washing your eyes, or getting your eyelash extensions wet.

    Water can affect the glue, causing the bond to become brittle and easy to break.

    After that, wash them regularly

      After the first 48 hours, residue will start to build up around the lash line if you don’t wash your extensions. This can lead to eye infections and other eye issues.

      Instead, you’re going to want to clean your lash extensions around every 3 days. You can do so by performing the following steps:

      1. Brush them with a soft bristle brush.
      2. Wash them with a special eyelash extension cleanser or distilled water.
      3. Let the water from your shower run down your face and over your eyes.

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          Brush them, too

          Every morning, you’re going to want to brush your eyelash tips to keep them looking good.


          It’s best to use a clean, dry spoolie (aka the kind of brush used to apply mascara) and to support your lashes with a clean finger as you brush.

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          Use caution with products, Be careful with makeup

            You shouldn’t be using any oil-based products near your eyelash extensions. So check your products before using them — especially eye creams and makeup removers.

            You’ll also want to skip mascara, even the ones that market themselves as “extension-safe.” Waterproof makeup, such as waterproof mascara, can soften the glue on your lash extensions.


            If you use eyeliner, opt for a water-based, non-waterproof version — and be gentle when you remove your makeup at the end of the night.


            Rubbing your eyes isn’t good for your extensions. It could damage them and your real lashes.


            Powdery eyeshadow might not be a great idea either, as the powder can get stuck in the glue and build up over time.


            When to get them done again

            Lash extensions usually last about 3 to 4 weeks, but they can last 6 to 8 weeks if you take care of them.


            You can get them taken out early if you want, but make sure a professional does it. Otherwise, they’ll fall out on their own.