Colored eyelash extensions aren't just for Dress up party — though they really do make a costume pop! From yellow to orange to pink to purple, your clients can wear rainbow eyelash hues to enhance their natural eye color or give them a fun and dramatic look. Here's why you should have them on hand all year round, and ways to incorporate them into your lash extension services.


1 | You Can Achieve a Look You Can't Create With Mascara

Colored mascara gets applied to multiple lashes at a time, and it's darn-near impossible to create an effective ombré look with mascara. With individual eyelash application, you have the option to add as many or as few colored lash extensions as you want. And ombré extensions make achieving a neat and subtle ombré look a cinch.

2 | Colored Lashes Enhance Natural Eyecolor

For clients who want the length and volume of eyelash extensions but also want to make their eye color stand out even more, colored lashes do the trick. Some subtle color integration with individual lashes can do wonders, or you can use ombré or bright hues to enhance eye color.

3 | Get An Instantly-Notice-Me Look

If you have clients who want to create a dramatic look, colored lashes are the way to go. Besides complementing costumes, they can be used for fun rave looks or nights out on the town, to match vibrantly colored hair or hair extensions, or garner double takes on the daily.

newcome Colored eyelash extensions

Enhance Your Eyelash Extension Offerings With Colored Lashes

As one of today's hottest beauty trends, colored eyelash extensions are in high demand. Meet the needs of your clients by adding them to your service offerings. You can attract more clients, increase the value of your services, gain more social media-worthy testimonials (and more referrals), and expand your business.

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